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Great Recipes From Around The World By The Bald Chef

My name is Colonel Glen C Izett and I am The Bald Chef. This is a virtual online cookbook, full of many great recipes. I present and show you how to cook many types of food from Asia, America, Italy, Mexico, and Latin America. From my travels around the United States and the World I have learned to become a great chef. Through my travels I have learned about many different types of cuisines, and exciting recipes. I made this web site for foodies to help them learn how to cook a wide range of recipes that span the globe. These recipes are from some of the experiences I have had around the world. As a Chef and a teacher this site is dedicated to people that are looking for new and exciting recipes Lets learn and enjoy some good food, good drinks, and most of all fun. I can teach you how to cook many great seafood, meat, vegetable, and pasta recipes that are out of this world. Thanks for the chance to share the world I have seen with all the different styles of cuisines and recipes you will find quite interesting.

About The Bald Chef

I enjoy cooking the Asian cuisines of Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and China. I have spent a lot of time in these Asian countries and know the taste and methodology to cook great recipes with an insider's taste. I have also spent time in Europe, The Caribbean, Africa, The Middle East, and Latin America. I have worked in many types of restaurants, cooking a wide range of cuisines. I also like to review different restaurants of all types from around the globe. I love Asian, Cajun, Italian, and Mexican Recipes. Colonel Glen Izett will help you learn to cook some of the best food you have ever tasted. These recipes for great food will show you step by step how to cook, and make some of the best food you can eat. It's easy, check what you want to cook watch the video and you can learn to cook great food and recipes you will love. The Bald Chef has many great cooking tips that will make you a true pro in the kitchen of your home. Look to my different recipes on this site become a great Chef, there is so much information you may be looking for for your next meal. I love food and if I can show you a recipe that will change your life or show you a better way to go, that will make me happy.

I will share these many cooking techniques to my viewers through videos and written recipes. This web site serves as an online cookbook. Cooking new recipes should be fun and I try to add some humor to my video recipes. Let's travel the world and learn about new foods, tastes, recipes and culture. I also have many drink recipes that bartenders around the world could pick up on! This web site is a bartenders guide in the making. Featuring new shots and drinks that stand out from other bartenders. You want to learn how to make a great drink The Bald Chef is your bartenders guide to great cocktails and shots.

Types of Recipes From Around The World.

I also love cooking new recipes for regional cuisines from America such as Cajun recipes, Texas Barbecue recipes, Healthy recipes, Tex Mex recipes, and traditional American recipes. The Bald Chef's web site features Latin American, South American and Asian recipes. These recipes come from Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Chinese cuisines. Also featured are European recipes from Italy, France, Portugal, Indian, and Spain. Each week I plan to add more recipes and cooking videos. So come back and check in for great tasting food and expert advice. I have lived to cook my whole life, and I hope to share what I have learned with new people that love to eat and cook. I think great food is easier to cook when it's recipes are are easy to cook. The Bald Chef's contribution to cooking is a eclectic group of recipes. I live in the Washington DC area and there are a lot of great restaurants for which I get a lot of my many new recipes. Some of my other recipes come from my time overseas where I learned to cook some of the best recipes you will find. Do you want to find Mexican, seafood, meat, and rice and potato recipes this is your best way to find easy recipes that you will love.

With some of my travels I plan to add a restaurant reviews of all types from around the globe. So if you are looking for Korean recipes, Vietnamese recipes, Italian recipes, Mexican recipes, Soup recipes, Cajun recipes, Appetizer recipes, or other cooking recipes this site is a great place to visit. Eating and cooking healthy meals and eating healthy food are very important. With all the food recipe web sites that are on line to teach you how to cook why come to The Bald Chef's web site? Well I have an eclectic variety of mouth watering recipes you will not find on any spot. If you want to be a Chef you can duplicate a recipe from one World cuisine, and take my teaching and bring it up to the next level. I come here to teach you how to cook all types of foods from around the World. If you want to reach out to me and request a recipe from your Country of choice e-mail me at and I will help you plan and cook your favorite recipe. Thanks for stopping by The Bald Chef's cooking and recipe web site. I hope you enjoy my many recipes and try cooking and eating at your home. So if you want to learn how to cook some great recipes from around the world this is your go to web site!

Great Drink And Cocktail Recipes From Around The World.

The Bald Chef has a section on his site about making great cocktail recipes, shot recipes, and many types of crazy drinks from around the world. I get a lot of my drink and shot recipes from owning my bar and restaurant. I am making a list of some of my best cocktails, so check out my drink section of my web site. As a former bartender I know lots of tricks of the trade. My drink and shot recipes come from around the world and often times these drinks are filled with humorous stories. Thanks for visiting my website for outstanding recipes and mixing instructions for all types of cocktails.